Thermography Screening For Cancer Detection


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Flow Well’s Mission:

  • We assess the health of a patient with a medical thermography screening for cancer detection and ideally prevention to guide them on tips to improve their thermography scan if need be.

  • We offer an excellent Thermographic customer service experience. Try our services to receive precise reporting of thermography for cancer detection performed by PACT. For your convenience we are in over 60 locations and we will guide through the entire process with our well experienced staff.

  • We are your connection resource for your health needs. Our technicians at Flow Well will give you health tips to research or discuss with your physician. We will connect our patients with doctors or wellness professionals who can guide them to achieve their health goals and monitor progress through your recommended screening.

What makes Flow Well stand out for your thermography needs?

  • Excellent quality images in both rainbow palette (see heat in color) and inverse grayscale palette (to best see vascularity).

  • Detailed report content about your thermal impressions, comments on the findings and recommendations to guide you towards optimal health.

  • Fast appointment times. Full body scans require 1 hour and the rest 30 minutes!

  • Quick report turn around. Your report will be ready in about 1 week. Stat service is available for a 2 day turn around!

  • We want you to get the most benefits from your thermography screening for cancer detection and ideally prevention. After you review your results with a doctor, our experienced technicians, having expertise in the field, will make sure all your questions are answered in a one on one phone report review.

Flow Well has Certified Thermographic Technicians in California, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Washington and we are consulting worldwide. We are the starting point of your overall health analysis by using thermography for cancer detection and prevention. Based on your personal belief system, your own goals, and the results of your thermography or other functional medicine testing, Flow Well will connect you with the Practitioner or Modality that will best suite you. Follow up with your thermography when it’s recommended to see that your hard work is paying off.

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