ASEA Water

ASEA improves critical communication at the cellular level which greatly increases your body's efficiency. Among the benefits you'll find are increased energy and a healthier immune system. With ASEA your cells can communicate faster. Children recover from injury very quickly because their cells haven't gone through as much stress as adults. With age, injury, disease and illness our cellular communication breaks down. Try ASEA and record how you feel each week. We're confident you'll be impressed with your progress!

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ASEA contains Redox signaling molecules. Within 30 minutes of drinking ASEA, small molecules form, shifting the metabolome which is the complete set of small molecules within humans including signaling molecules, hormones and metabolic intermediates. It's all about balance. It can help restore and maintain balance in every cell of your body. It repairs oxidative stress on our cells that burns them out. Oxidative stress on our cell can result in physical issues, memory loss, cancer and other diseases. ASEA locks onto our cells and restores this damage. ASEA is not meant to treat, cure or heal any diseases. It simply can help our cells to communicate properly to create balance in our body.

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The Science of ASEA - USA

ASEA has a liquid supplement that you drink at least twice a day. From that liquid supplement ASEA created Renu 28 which is a topical delivery system that supports and revitalizes your skin using this incredible Redox Signaling technology. Nourish your body inside and out with ASEA and Renu 28.

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Cancer is a Redox Disease