Massage Therapists


Traci ehlers

Traci Ehlers, Massage therapist: reflexology, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and she is a Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner at Eco Health Wellness & Detox Spa Mt. Pleasant (843) 884-4466 Offers cupping which can benefit your lymphatic system.

Wendy edgin

Wendy Edgin of Olive Massage, is a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. Her website is She is also am Craniosacral Therapist, & Licensed Massage Therapist. Contact: (843) 813-4105 – 1537 Ben Sawyer Blvd., Suite D, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464





Patrick Lane of Patrick Lane Therapy. Contact info: (843) 819 -5533 and his e-mail is His home clinic is in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Specializing in Pelvic Inflammatory Dysfunction, Lymphatic Breast Massage and Sports Therapy focusing on the Lymphatic System since 1982.


Nurse Practitioners

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deborah Manke

HNP, ANP-BC, APHN-BC is a dual degree and board certified Holistic Nurse Practitioner, Adult Nurse Practitioner specializing in preventive, hormonal, nutritional and metabolic therapies.  Her clinical involvement in private practices and hospital work spans over 32 years. 

Her clinical work embraces a Functional Medicine approach, currently pursuing official certification. She is certified as an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist, Advanced Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, in addition, conducts meditative healing sessions and Holistic Health Group meetings. Deborah’s approach has guided many along a path of healing, balance and well being by integrating holistic principles, functional medicine testing, with immunologic, digestive and anti-inflammatory support. Contact info: E-mail, and Phone (843) 754-5403.


Naturopathic Doctors

Linda Head Shot.png


Linda has been practicing holistic medicine for over thirty years, having owned and operated a large innovative/integrated clinic which provided healthcare services and product to thousands of patients prior to moving to Florida. She continues to follow her passion for healing with her husband, Ron, helping patients all over the United States. Linda brings her extensive training and experience with naturopathy to an integrated system of healing that includes nutrition,

homeopathy, herbs, bodywork, HRT, and a particular focus on energy medicine. The synergistic effect of these therapies is enhanced by her sincere and compassionate consideration of the whole person. The client’s body, mind, and spirit are all addressed in developing individualized treatment plans. Linda takes time to develop a loving, caring relationship with each client. One of her primary goals is to assist the client in defining, confronting, and alleviating health problems that may exist. Clients are given the support to assume responsibility for their own health, and guidance from Linda to help make choices which will result in optimum vitality and well-being.

Linda and her husband have also worked with several professionals to re-invent their holistic healthcare business. They've trademarked "KetoClean Lifestyle" and developed 7 pillars to comprise the complete program. They've developed courses for individuals, who understand how important their health is, for Moms who want their families to remain healthy, and for healthcare professionals who want a healthy lifestyle program to offer those they serve. Thermography is one very important pillar within The KetoClean Lifestyle. Go to for more information on Linda and her programs!