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What tools are you using in your kitchen?

Do they make cooking enjoyable?

My story with Cutco – I started as a Cutco Specialist in 2003. I went into many homes to give Cutco presentations. I saw knives in someone’s home that were 20 years old. My cutco mentor found a customer who had her cutco for 60 years! This cutlery has a FOREVER guarantee. You will never need to replace these knives again!

Top 2-3 things I love about it - ergonomic handles, ease with cutting meats and produce safely and their beauty.

Why Cutco is so great: American made, quality manufacturing and FOREVER guarantee!

Some essential pieces – Trimmer, paring knife, chopping knife and super sheers get the Buy 3 get one FREE!

Don’t take my word for it. Check out these reviews on the Super Sheers alone! ~ Shanna Rivera