Here are a few recent testimonials.


M.L. - 5 stars

March 5, 2018

Wonderful experience

Our first time seeing Kristin and my husband and I can say that we had a wonderful experience and we felt very much at ease. We recommend these tests to everyone. They're painless and you can actually see what's going on inside your body.

Customer since December 2015


B.G.- 5 stars

Apr 27, 2017

Excellent. Truth in Healthcare

My thermographer, Shanna, gave me a REAL way to get healthy based on my thermography report and on her exceptional, and vast knowledge of alternative therapies. These therapies should not be called "alternative". The thermography report and experience of having Shanna review it with me is something you will never find in "conventional" medicine. But I know it's the truth, and it's the way to prevent illness and be healthy. I'm looking forward to taking her suggestions.

Customer since November 2016


AVT - 5 stars

Jan 26, 2018

Life changing

I am so glad I discovered thermography as a safe, accurate way to detect health issues early in the body, including inflammation and cancer. I had my first thermography screening with Shanna Rivera in November 2016 and I have been seeing her for regular 6-month follow-up ever since. Shanna is always very professional throughout the entire process, including the follow-up phone call and she is extremely knowledgeable about achieving optimum health. I highly recommend her.

Customer since October 2016


Esther Davis - 5 stars

March 30, 2017


Very comfortable to work with Kristin Schwarz and I would highly recommend her to any and all who might need her services. The experience was very pleasant especially for such an emotionally charged issue.

Customer since March 2017


Victoria Baer - 5 STARS

Jan 27, 2017


I've been doing thermography for at least six years and did some with a practitioner that didn't have the higher resolution camera (which I wasn't aware of) so the images were worthless! I found out this by going to BTI! Make sure you go to a professional and they are definitely one with with right equipment for the scans! Save your life and get a thermography exam today!

Customer since December 2013

Elizabeth B - 5 STARS

Jan 30, 2017


Shanna Rivera's knowledge and expertise regarding Thermography is of the highest standard. She can help guide you with a healing protocol using many different healing modalities. This process leads toward true wellness. I am grateful for her support and knowledge. I recommend her without reservation.

Customer since September 2015


Jessica G - 5 STARS

Dec 23, 2016

Not enough women (or men) know about this option of Thermography. I highly recommend it.

My technician was caring and informative. I would highly recommend this type of health screening. After a friend told me about this, I researched for myself and was surprised I had not been recommended Thermoraphy before. I was happy to find out there was another option for breast screening in addition to a Mammogram and/or ultra sound. I am anxiously awaiting my results for discussion with Doctor.

Customer since December 2016

Carole Krublit - 5 STARS

Jan 21, 2017

thermography experience

I found the thermography process totally painless and actually pleasant. When I think of my Mammograms, I shudder! I plan to use this method every year to help safeguard myself.

Customer since April 2013



S.P. - 5 stars

Oct. 21, 2016

Great decision to try a different route!

The full body scan was performed professionally and confidently by Janelle, who is very sweet and is blessed with a comforting spirit. I look forward to a continued, informative guidance by all their staff.

Customer since September 2016