Medical Infrared Thermography Screening


Why? Because suspecting and knowing are not the same.

These are actual results from an exam with our thermographic equipment. Left: Heat Signatures. Right:  What is this?

These are actual results from an exam with our thermographic equipment. Left: Heat Signatures. Right: What is this?

People call us for typically 3 reasons, they experience a loved one who has cancer, they are looking for a different test for breast cancer detection or they want to prevent disease in their body. A thermography screening is the best solution in all these cases. 

Some people tend to wait for a tragedy to make healthy lifestyle decisions, but some testing can be invasive, and involve radiation. Medical infrared thermography is very safe, in fact, it’s safe enough for pregnant and nursing women. It’s merely an accurate image of the heat radiating from your body that detects changes at the cellular level. Studies conclude that this test is 97% sensitive or accurate. While mammography is only 83% accurate.

It’s suggested for women to schedule mammograms so they can find their breast cancer as early as possible. By opting for regular thermography breast cancer screening appointments, it’s likely that she could have the opportunity to make healthy lifestyle decisions to take care of her cells before they became detectable on anatomical testing (mammogram, ultrasound or MRI). Now that’s prevention!



Medical Thermography uses an infrared camera that, without radiation, creates an image by converting heat energy that radiates from the body into a signal which can then be viewed on a monitor and printed. Using no radiation, it’s ideal for prevention because a scan can be done of the entire body and can be done as often as desired. People can search for “thermography screening near me” and get their entire body scanned on a regular basis. Most patients get a thermography full body scan every 6 months, others every 3 months and some once a year.

Abnormal heat can be caused by cancer, inflammation, toxins, hormonal imbalance, nerve damage, and lack of circulation, just to name a few. We are symmetric—two eyes, a right and a left side of the body that mirror each other, in most cases, ten fingers and ten ten toes. Therefore, our heat signature should also mirror both sides of the body. If there is an extreme hot or cold spot on one side of our body that’s not reflected on the other, we need to make sure it’s not something that needs attention to avoid future issues. Reach out to healthcare centers that specialize in thermography screening in Miami beach, FL to keep a check on your health status.



What to expect

We suggest you let your inner guide help you make any decisions regarding your health. Getting full body thermography in palm coast, Fl has become extremely easy these days. If you feel something is not right, do not hesitate from booking an appointment for thermography cancer screening If you should choose to book an appointment, here’s a little more information of what to expect for your thermography session.

  • Our Certified Thermography Technicians make sure particular protocols are followed before screening.

  • The room should be set up correctly (68-72 degrees and no direct sunlight).

  • Thermography is performed in the nude (thong or jock strap ok but not preferred to check the skin everywhere) because clothes and hair hide accurate heat signatures. Privacy screening mandatory for men.

  • You will be asked to wait for about 10 minutes to get your skin temperature to a definable level.

  • You’ll be standing in front of the camera and sitting in a chair in 6 - 30 different positions depending on the screening you choose.

  • The actual imaging takes 10-30 mins.

We then send the images to a team of trained thermologists from PACT to have them interpret the images. When the report is ready, a consultation with a doctor will be scheduled. After you receive your report back from a physician of your choice you can go over your report for a second review with a Certified Thermographic Technician. If your doctor isn't familiar with thermography you can set up a consult with one of our doctors for a small fee. To learn more about our interpreting doctors visit the site below. Click on the "Your Report" tab to get a better understanding about your thermography results. Send this page to your doctor if they have questions about your report or have them get in touch with a PACT thermologist.


Breast Thermography Testing and The FDA

Go to the BTI site to learn more about BTI's Stance on Breast Thermography Testing and the FDA.

Flow Well is a proud member of Breast Thermography International (BTI).


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